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Murder at Macbeth

Whose deadly secret has taken centre stage?

When a talented, young actress unwittingly stabs herself live onstage after a prop knife is tampered with, suspicion immediately falls on her eclectic band of castmates.

But who had the motive to kill the show’s leading lady?

As the insightful, yet disillusioned, Detective Inspector Finley Robson and his shrewd partner, Detective Sergeant Nadia Zahra, interrogate the seven key suspects, secrets unfold to unveil a web of scandal, blackmail, and deceit.

Bitter rivalries, secret trysts and troubled pasts are just the beginning of the story…

A hugely gripping murder mystery packed with unpredictable twists and turns that will captivate you from the very first page and keep you guessing right until the end.

International Flash 500 Novel Award Longlist 2017

Book Reviews

“I loved this book. It’s a really great read; a proper whodunnit! Who would want to be a police officer having a whole cast of actors for suspects? I love mysteries where the characters have backstories, and these are woven in beautifully. As a debut novel, this is a cracker!”
JOY ELLIS, No.1 bestselling author of the D.I. Nikki Galena series

Murder at Macbeth entertains in true Poirot style. It’s a classic whodunnit with a real period feel to it. There are several worthy suspects to choose from with as many intriguing motives and literally any of them could have been the killer. It read like a really good episode of a prime-time crime series. I’d definitely read more from Goodwin if the new Stabler and Benson have more adventures together.”
CAROL DEELEY, author of the Britannica series

“Excellent writing, with a strong, compelling hook.”
Lorraine Mace, author of the D.I. Sterling crime series

“An amazing, suspenseful debut novel.”
SIMI SUNNY, author of The White Sirens and The Serpent Girl

Goodwin’s debut ‘whodunnit’ novel truly takes centre stage! Just when you think you have the mystery solved, she drops the curtain on you. Such a fun, suspenseful read!”
DANIE JAYE, author of The Lions trilogy

“Relatable characters and a unique storyline. Realistically written and feels as though you’re watching a blockbuster hit crime movie. Fantastic!”
SHANCURTY IGNACIO, author of Maybe This Promise (five stars)

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Murder at Macbeth and the novel kept me guessing until the end. Goodwin delivered with a lot of twists and turns.”
RANDEE GREEN, author of the Carrie Shatner mystery series (five stars)
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“Full of twists and turns making the reader suspect everyone until finally narrowing it down to just a few. Bravo to Goodwin, you kept me guessing to the end. I hope you give us more to read in the future.” BEVERLEY OWENS, author of the Roni Rainer Cozy Mystery Series (five stars)

Murder at Macbeth is an absolute page turner, filled with fascinating characters and plenty of twists and turns. I had so much fun trying to figure out what was really going on. This is a quick, fun, entertaining read for a summery poolside day or a cozy winter afternoon!”
JULIA SIMPSON, author of Ashes Swept (four stars)
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“The format reminded me of Agatha Christie TV adaptations and would work well as such, each character well defined and interesting. It was, however, a fun, well written chase that left me wanting more books.” CAROLINE NOE, author of Firestone Key and Canellian Eye (four stars)

“This book gripped me from the beginning with its cast of characters. The story flowed well with plenty of twists and turns keeping the reader guessing right until the end. Murder At Macbeth has received a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award.” Pauline Barclay – Founder of Chill Awards (five stars)
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“One of the best mystery novels I’ve read this year. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I literally could not put this book down.” Bekah’s Bookshelves Blog (five stars)
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Murder at Macbeth is active, suspenseful and utterly thrilling; I couldn’t put the book down!” Write Read Talk Live Book Blog (five stars)
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Murder at Macbeth is a captivating mystery with plenty of Shakespearean flair. Goodwin is a master storyteller! The story develops layer by layer, including perspectives from each of the cast. Mysteries are not my typical go to but this was a great read!” Perfectly Paced Book Blog (five stars)
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“The story was very Agatha Christie in style. In that way this book is a real gem. The storyline is unravelled, like a twisted ball of string, through the interviews of the suspects. Those who love crime books will devour this with passion.” Love This Book Blog (five stars)
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“I loved this intelligently written mystery novel! Murder at Macbeth is an absolute page turner. Twists and turns and the curveballs here and there, all add up to fine quality of the novel. Every time I had a suspect in my mind, I was proved wrong! I would strongly recommend this novel to all the mystery and thriller lovers out there!” Musings of a Bibliophagist Book Blog (five stars)
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“I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded. The flashbacks also made the story more compelling because we get to see the events from the different perspectives of the people involved.” Book Frolic Book Blog (five stars)
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Murder at Macbeth is an intriguing and gripping novel set in London, filled with unpredictable plot twists.” The Wolf Pad Book Blog (four stars)
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“This is a good, old fashioned murder mystery. Clues are drip fed along the way as each suspect is interviewed by the police. Detective Robson and Detective Sergeant Zahra make a great team and there was an echo of Death in Paradise (without the paradise) to the tale. The end was a surprise that I didn’t see coming.” Shelley Fallows Book Blog (four stars)
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“Suspenseful. Scandalous. Surprising. Now, the highlight of this story and something I commend the author for, is the characters she created. If you’re a crime fan, I recommend it.” Emmerita Amado Book Blog (four stars)
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“Samantha Goodwin is guilty as charged: with Murder at Macbeth she wrote a sharp logic puzzle that get’s its readers hooked on the tension. Especially fans of detective stories in the style of Agatha Christie and fans of Shakespeare are at risk to become addicted until the very last page.” The Autohrs Zone Book Blog
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“Fans of mysteries will appreciate the multiple threads Goodwin weaves together in her book. All in all, this was an easy book to get lost in for awhile. I enjoyed the characters and the story. If you are looking for a solid mystery and for the chance to support a new author, Murder at Macbeth is a book I would recommend.” Scintilla Book Blog
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